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How to Choose the Right Voice Over Talent

Mic PicA Voice for Your Project

If you’re going to use a voice actor for your project, picking the right one is crucial. A good voice actor can add so much to your project, while a bad one can ruin it.

High Quality Demos

Professional narrators will most likely have high quality demos that show off their range and styles. Listen to them carefully, envision them reading your script, and pick the best one after careful analysis.

Fits the Audience

Consider your target audience when choosing a voice. Think about whether one gender will be better than the other, if a regional accent is required, and also what will draw them in closer.

Fits the Subject

Some narrators are best for serious topics, while others are better for playful ones. Voice actors that are able to do motivational and upbeat projects may find it hard to sound serious, or vice versa.

Picking a voice talent that fit for your project requires careful analysis. Melanie Haynes is a highly experienced voice over talent that can help bring your project to life.

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