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Creating a TV Promo for an Upcoming Television Program


Promoting the Show

A TV promo is a commercial no longer than a minute that advertises the airing of an upcoming program. A perfectly crafted promo will capture the attention and interest of the viewing audience

The Basic Information

Whether it’s a new series, or a new season, all TV promos must include the airing station, date and time either throughout the commercial or towards the end.

The Visuals

Visuals are needed in TV promos. Choosing the right images and video clips will make the upcoming program a must-see for viewers.

The Audio & Narrative

Songs and sounds must perfectly match the program’s theme. Additionally, a TV promo can include one or more of the characters breaking the fourth-wall in an entertaining fashion, and should include a narrative.

If you are searching for a voice over talent to provide compelling narrative for your TV promo, contact Melanie Haynes today.

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