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Professional Female Voice Talent Melanie Haynes

Great VO Artist

We have worked with Melanie on several projects and she has always been professional, efficient and punctual with VO file delivery . Her Voice Over work is second to none and we always recommend her to our clients for a voice they want in there project. Jason S., Irvine, CA

Great Experience!

We have been working with Melanie for years on several different video production projects. She not only has a wonderful voice but she is also easy to work with and get our production team the audio they need when they need it. We love working with Melanie and recommend her to others looking for a great female voice talent! – Greg V., Chicago, IL


Melanie has given our company, SchoolHeart, Inc. an incredible professional branding to our fundraisng program for schools. Thank you so much for capturing the voice of our mission and the enthusiasm to bring it to life! – Sandra B., Raleigh, NC

Great service and high quality

excellent voice over company with quick service and custom sound – jeremi d.,Mason, OH

A voice talent we’ve been using for years

As an educational company, Melanie’s voice talent style and consistent on-time or ahead-of-deadline work has met our needs for years. We really appreciate working with her. – Christine B.,Santa Cruz, CA

Always a pleasure to work with Melanie

I’ve worked with Melanie for many years now and she continues to deliver excellence. She’s responsive, friendly and she is always willing to work with me to get the sound that we need for the project. I will continue to ask for her voice talent as new projects arrive.- Lori T.,Houston, TX

Melanie is full of fabulous-ness!

I’m a huge fan of Melanie Hayes of Tasty Voice Productions LLC. She’s always made herself available for me even on short notice, which is always helpful because our work tends to come on short notice. She’s really professional and does a beautiful job. If things need to be redone, she just does them–no questions asked.

I like Melanie for her professionalism, for her fabulous voice, and for her availability. It’s been four or five years now that we’ve been working with her. She’s got a wonderful voice that all of my clients always like and she’s just great to work with, so we keep going back to her. – Lora G.,New York, NY

Professional and talented.

Melanie of Tasty Voice Productions LLC does voice over work for us for videos we produce. She has a terrific voice: there’s a terrific cadence and temper to it. She doesn’t need a lot of direction to give us what we want, but she is willing to change things up if we hear something we don’t like.

Her turnaround time is always very fast. She usually gets it to us within a day. She has a good system for delivering her completed work to us in a way that we can access it easily. We’ve been working with her for at least three years. I would highly recommend her.- Todd J.
Raleigh, NC

Melanie was great!

Melanie of Tasty voice Productions was very professional. She had a good variety of voice skills and was willing to do pick-up audio recording. I would recommend her for her narration work; I think that’s her strong suit. You can hear some of her samples on her website.- Michelle A.
Redmond, OR

Excellent experience

Tasty Voice Productions does voice narration for online training courses. I send her the script, she cuts the audio, and provides me with the files. Her delivery is spot on and done in a timely fashion, very professional, and with good value. I’m a repeat customer and my experience with them has been excellent. I will continue to do business with them. – Charles M.
San Marcos, TX

Melanie has real talent and will meet your needs.

I’m a freelance broadcasting writer and producer. I use Melanie Haynes EXCLUSIVELY for one of the markets in which I produce radio, as she is almost always available, and is very good as both an actress and voice actress. You give her the general idea of what it is you’re looking for, and she provides malleability and experience. She is incredibly receptive to the client’s needs.- Keith B.
Wichita, KS

Always a pleasant experience. She never disappoints.

We started using Melanie of Tasty Voice Productions LLC many years ago when she was still considered ‘local talent.’ She does voice patches for us, and they’ve been perfect for our company’s needs. She is a professional with a good quality voice. She always does what she says she’s going to do. She’s just a good, easy person to work with. I can’t speak to her range because we’ve only used her as a soft cell female voice, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was very flexible in her range. Now she can record on her own property, and we’re able to listen in on the recording. We work on the first paragraph together, but after that, there’s not much for me to direct. I kind of take shotgun, and it all comes out perfectly. If you are looking for good, solid voice quality from someone with professional experience, Melanie should be at the top of your list. – Tom K., Houston, TX

Professional and accommodating.

We use Tasty Voice Productions LLC to do the recordings for voice prompts on our interactive voice response system. Melanie gives me a quick turnaround and takes a lot of time to get voice files cut and in the format we need them. It’s a real benefit to us.

We’ve been with Tasty Voice for six years. I can’t match what I get for their price anywhere else. It’s personal service. Melanie isn’t a face among many; we just deal directly with her. It’s professional talent without having to deal with a bunch of hoopla. She’s very approachable and flexible, while being professional.- Matt M.,Houston, TX

Professional and Personal

I reached out to Melanie after a simple internet search. I needed a female voice for an elearning module I was developing. She discussed with me what I was looking for and began to ask me questions to better understand my goals for the project. Her caring concern for a successful outcome is what impressed me. She didn’t simply offer a recorded voice, she wanted to bring life to my project! Melanie has been easy to work with, understanding, and flexible.- Douglas A.
Houston, TX


“Thanks Melanie, fantastic service” – Daniel, Zen Images

Highly Recommend

“For the AMNH exhibit, Race to the End of the Earth, we needed a voice actor who could sound authentic, knowledgeable and bring-to-life the era of Antarctic exploration. Melanie found this voice…and I know she can find any number of other voices.

Melanie is easy to work with, does not require a lot of direction, she is professional and — because she has her own studio —can edit and sweeten her best takes. She saved me a lot of time in editing.

I highly recommend Melanie Haynes.” – Sara, American Museum of Natural History, NYC

Brings Projects to Life

“I reached out to Melanie after a simple internet search.  I needed a female voice for an elearning module I was developing. She discussed with me what I was looking for and began to ask me questions to better understand my goals for the project.  Her caring concern for a successful outcome is what impressed me. She didn’t simply offer a recorded voice, she wanted to bring life to my project!  Melanie has been easy to work with, understanding, and flexible.” – Douglas A.,Encore Health

Consistent, Reliable, Efficient

“The real mark of excellence, and what ultimately determines the length of a business relationship, is how efficiently and consistently a service provider handles customer trouble shoot and rush requests. So thank you again, Melanie, for your part in that today and for helping us uphold our reputation for consistent and reliable service with clients.” – Joe, Adtrax

Talented and Kind

“Melanie is fantastic! Professional, talented and kind. I highly recommend her services!” – Corinne, iCIMS

Quick Turnaround

“Thanks for the great work and quick turnaround.” – Craig Columbus,Altridian Networks

Continued Excellent Service

“Thanks for the continued excellent service!” – Chad Brannon,Lathian Systems

A Hit with NASA

“You were a hit with the NASA people at a recent conference” – Harvard Medical School

Melanie is Awesome

“Wow, What great service. I’ve been telling everyone at Clear Channel about your site. Melanie is awesome” – John Bell

Perfect and Prompt

“Awesome, thank you so much Melanie, its perfect. Thank you for your prompt replies and help in getting this done as quickly as possible also” – Joe Thompson,TMS

Quality Talent

“Wanted to tell you that it was a pleasure working with you! It’s nice to have a quality talent to work with.” -Terry Brown,Primedia

Quick and Flexible

“You have a great voice and have done wonderful work for us. We have appreciated the quick turnaround time and flexibility you have demonstrated in meeting our needs.” – Melanie Marrtinez,Hold Plus

Superb Quality

“After publishing the recordings on our system, I just wanted to let you know that I think the quality was superb and I just wanted to say thanks once more for the quick turn-around.”- Mark J. Sauer, Global Customer Solutions

Great Narration

“The program came out great,and we enjoyed working with you very much. Everyone has been commenting on the great narration” – Jon McDonald,WideScreen Digital

Used Audition as Final

“I just got off the phone with the producer of the TV spot and everyone involved says that you nailed it so well, it was a finished product. Incredible audition! Thank you for making me look so good!” – John, Winking Bull Productions


“These are perfect!!! Thank you…thank you!!” – Jeff, Production Director, WRBS

Great Job

“How can you improve on perfection?! Great job!” – Dr. Stuart Atkins, Business Consultants Network, Inc.

Sounds Great

“Thanks for the files! I just listened to all of them and they sound great.” – Matt, Comcourse

Nailed it!

“LOVELY, LOVELY, LOVELY! Thank you so much Melanie. As you guys say: ‘You nailed it!'” – Dan, Human Wisdom

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"I just got off the phone with the producer of the TV spot and everyone involved says that you nailed it so well, it was a finished product. Incredible audition! Thank you for making me look so good!"

- John, Winking Bull Productions

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