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Developing Your Character’s Voice for Your Audio Book

AudioBookBring Your Character to Life

An audio book character will not be seen, only heard. That’s why it is important to properly develop your characters and their voices to make the various characters distinguishable for the listening audience.

Character’s Personality

Is your character shy or outgoing? Is he or she deceptive or sincere? Understand your character’s personality and have it reflected in their speech.

Different Speaking Styles

It is always a good idea giving characters different speaking styles. Whether it’s an accent, a speech impediment, or use of upper or lower register, it helps the audience further distinguish between characters.

The Voiceover Talent

You need to find the right voiceover actor or actress who will bring your character to life. They must be able to not only embody the characters, but become the characters themselves.

Properly crafting your character’s voice is an important part to any audio book. If you are seeking a professional voice talent for your audio book, Melanie Haynes is more than happy to offer her assistance in bringing your characters to life.

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