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Important Steps to Follow When Creating a Documentary

Dec PicThe Making of a Documentary

Making a documentary isn’t as easy as picking up a camera and pressing record. You need to carefully plan and follow certain steps when creating a documentary.

Develop Your Ideas

The first step is to carefully plan and develop your ideas. Not only do you have to choose and conduct research on a worthy topic, but give your film a purpose and write a clear, concise outline.

Gather Staff and Equipment

Recruit a staff that shares an interest in the subject matter, especially for larger projects. Also, get the best possible equipment, such as cameras and lights, to ensure a high quality video.

Shoot the Film

Use your outline as a guide to begin shooting. Gather footage of interviews with relevant people, live footage, establishing shots of the location, dramatic reactions and even have some stock footage handy.

Assemble Documentary

After gathering all your shoots, assemble them into an interesting and coherent order. Be sure select the right music, insert necessary graphics and have quality audio narration before making the final edit. If you need a voice over talent for your documentary’s narrative, Melanie Haynes is the perfect choice.

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