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Houston Home Stuidio So much has been happening over the past few months, that I have not been able to keep up with this voice over blog. While Houston is my home, I am now living and working in Los Angeles. After all these years, I’ve decided it is time to take the plunge – thanks to good friends and encouragement from my family and others in the entertainment business.

While I’ve been continuing to work in voice over from my travel studio and in ISDN studios in LA, I’ve been spending a good deal of my time, energy, and money laying the foundation for establishing myself as an actor and voice over performer out here. Although, there is some acting work in Texas, I feel there may be more opportunities for me in LA. Time will tell, and I won’t know until I give it a try.

On the voice over front, I have to say that I’ve been thrilled with using Twisted Wave on the road! I’m using it on my iPad with an Apogee 96 mic, and it is awesome! Because my recording environment is not as pristine as my wonderful home studio in Houston, I also had the fabulous George Whittam design a processing system for me to use before exporting audio to my editing software on my PC. The audio sounds great and has been used on air. For my clients who prefer to record me via ISDN, I’ve been using nearby studios who are very talent friendly, and charge a special rate for talent in 15 minute increments. I’ve worked at Voicecaster and have attended a couple of great workshops at Voice Trax West sponsored by Mary Lynn Wissner’s Voices Voicecasting.

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