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NOT the Actor’s Nightmare!


I had a great dream last night.  It was the opposite of the typical Actor’s Nightmare – you’re onstage and have no idea what play it is or what your lines are.  I do have variations on this for other types of performance like the Voice Actor’s Nightmare – I’m in the booth with clients in the studio.  They don’t give me a script – just a story board with no text.  I have to make up words to go with the pictures as I record!!


My dream last night was that I was in a great studio with awesome engineers and directors.  The voice actors working with me were SUPER talented!  In a way it was like my nightmare in that there didn’t seem to be a set script.  The funny thing was that we were supposed to have fun and just create something new with each take.  Everyone was so supportive and creative that the whole session just rocked!  I felt good about what was going on.  I woke up feeling like maybe the lesson I was supposed to get from this was to open up and just try new things when the project allows – not to just stick to the script, but to expand, improvise and create.


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