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Do you practice “Service”?


In the past few months, the words service and gratitude have been coming up again and again in books, articles, courses, and videos that I have read and heard.  The terms are not new to me or to you, of course; however, there seems to be so much more emphasis on and usage of the terms when it comes to acting and voice over than I have ever encountered in my 30+ year professional career.

There seems to be so much more of a crossover between personal and professional development which makes perfect sense.  The two are connected in that who you are in your personal life must affect your professional life: how you treat others, how disciplined you are, the priorities you have, etc.  This is not to say that there are many people who may seem very different publicly and  privately. Confidence, courage and kindness may rank higher or lower publicly or privately.

The idea of being of service in acting and voice over and how it is put into practice is evolving and strengthening in my mind due to some of the courses and workshops I have followed and attended, recently.  For example, I’ve never really thought of it so much in these terms, but I have actually always tried to be of service to my voice over clients by providing quality work with a quick turnaround in a professional, kind, and pleasant manner, but this idea of service is taking hold in new, expanded, and unexpected ways for me.

Some new thoughts which are  helping to solidify the idea of service and helping to create more courage and confidence in auditioning, especially, are thinking in terms of “How can I serve the script?”, “How can I serve the overall production?”, “How can I serve the casting director, director, ad agency, or client?”   It becomes about the script, performance, “them” instead of me.  Personal vulnerabilities are not something to worry about or to be fearful of, but rather to be used to enhance the work.

Now it’s your turn…How do you practice service in your acting and voice over career?

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