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At the start of Melanie’s professional voice over career,commercial voice over was the type of voice over she performed almost exclusively. She has been “the voice” of every major department store headquartered in Houston at one time or another – Foley’s, Joske’s, Craig’s, Sakowitz, and Palais Royal/Bealls/Stage Stores. Each store used her voice nearly exclusively for a period of three or more years. The commercials were aired throughout the state and across the country for those with a presence in other markets. She has also performed in a wide variety of other commercials for furniture stores, restaurants, medical practices, hospitals, employment agencies, political campaigns, PSAs, and more. In addition to announcer roles, she has voiced many character and dialogue spots as well as performing On Camera and Voice Over in Regional and National Commercials, National Television and Film.

During the first years, Melanie worked exclusively in other professional studios, and she still enjoys working with them today. However, with the advent of the internet and the ability to send and receive scripts and audio files electronically, Melanie established her own studio in 2003. She has continued to upgrade and expand her studio and equipment each year.

With Source Connect and Digital Phone Patch you can direct your session to get exactly what you want. Melanie can also self direct based on your emailed specifications. To provide her customers with the commercial voice-overs that meet their needs, a free sample reading of a portion of your script is provided before any payment is made. Your voice-overs are delivered in the audio format that you need, making it easy to incorporate them into your commercial.

Melanie can often provide you with commercial voice-overs the same day your script is received. Rest assured, though, that her fast service also provides excellence in all areas of production. All recordings are made in her professional digital studio using high-end audio equipment to deliver the highest quality both technically and in performance.

Contact: or (281) 794-3730

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"I just got off the phone with the producer of the TV spot and everyone involved says that you nailed it so well, it was a finished product. Incredible audition! Thank you for making me look so good!"

- John, Winking Bull Productions

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