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Melanie Haynes was one of the first women asked to perform narration voice over for corporate clients when, at the time, that was an area of voice over almost exclusively performed by male voice talent. As with many other jobs, it took awhile for industry to recognize the power and benefit of using a female voice talent for long form narration and training. In fact, at one on camera industrial audition, Melanie asked if the part of the voice over narrator had been cast, and if not, would it be possible for her to read for it? The response of the producer and director at that time was, “No, that might be a ‘Ms–interpretation’ of the script” followed by hearty laughter.

Undeterred, Melanie has become one of the most sought after narration voice over artists for corporate and industrial work. She has narrated projects for many of the major oil companies, hospital systems, financial corporations, airlines, museums, aircraft manufacturers, defense contractors, educational systems, AOPA, and NASA in addition to many others.

She has been the strong, professional voice of authority, warm and comforting voice of Human Resources and medical instruction, conversational vignette voice of managers, employees, and instructors, inspiring voice of fundraisers, and on more than one occasion, an ethereal computer voice.

Melanie has operated her own studio since 2003, and has continually upgraded and expanded both the studio and her professional audio equipment. With Source Connect and Digital Phone Patch you can direct your session to get exactly what you want. Melanie can also self direct based on your emailed specifications. To provide her customers with the narration voice-overs that meet their needs, a free sample reading of a portion of your script is provided before any payment is made. Your voice-overs are delivered in the audio format that you need, making it easy to incorporate them into your video or whatever type of project you are creating.

Depending on the length of your project, Melanie can often provide you with narration voice-overs the same day your script is received. Rest assured, though, that her fast service also provides excellence in all areas of production. All recordings are made in her professional digital studio using high-end audio equipment to deliver the highest quality both technically and in performance.

Contact: or (281) 794-3730


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"I just got off the phone with the producer of the TV spot and everyone involved says that you nailed it so well, it was a finished product. Incredible audition! Thank you for making me look so good!"

- John, Winking Bull Productions

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