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Ways to Help Your Voice Over Training



Helpful Hints for Commercial Voice Over

Voice over is a tough business to break into. It can be a long road, and it’s not always possible to be taking classes or auditioning. Here are some things you can do to strengthen your skills in the meantime.

Vocal Exercises

Vocal health and good speech are essential to a successful voice over career. Warm up your voice every morning and practice good breathing. I have some articulation exercises on my website that will help with pronunciation and diction, but these are only a starting point. If you start working on developing a strong voice now, you’ll be ready as soon as a great opportunity arrives.

Acting Classes

Good voice over work is all about acting – that’s how you connect with an audience, even if it’s an audience you never see. Acting classes help with interpreting text and keeping your reads natural and personable.

Watch and Listen to Commercials

Much of the work available in voice over is commercial. Watch TV commercials and pay attention to the voice over (almost every commercial has one). Notice the vocal quality and pacing which reflects the tone of the commercial. Voice talents’ demo reels can also be a helpful listening tool. I have many listed on my website, and many agents upload demos to their websites as well. You can also browse through demos on many of the voice over casting sites. This is a great learning tool, and also helps you decide where you fit in.

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