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Do you need a voice over talent Agent?  I want to be clear.  I am not an agent.  I have provided all of these pages “For Talent” because there are so many out there who would like to be voice over artists.  We all have to start somewhere, and I know it’s tough to find answers.  I hope that the pages I have provided help you on your way!

A voice over talent agent is very helpful – often a necessity for work done in your location. Talk to several SAG AFTRA franchised voice over talent agents – they are the most reputable as they are bound by agreements to the performers unions. The Biggest agency is not necessarily the best place for a newcomer. If the agency handles a large number of working voice talent, they may not be interested in representing someone new to the business.  Even if you are taken on by the agency, you may not get called for as many auditions. On the other hand, if you go with a smaller voice over talent agency with a small voice over talent pool, they may not get the calls from the advertising agencies or casting directors. Experiences of other performers, common sense and your gut feeling will have to prevail.  Try to meet with local agents to see if you click.

If you’re going to seek work via the internet, you’ll want to list with several voiceover sites which in many ways act as an online voice over talent agent. Most of them charge a yearly listing fee. Again, if you can check with other talent to see what their experience has been, it might be helpful. But keep in mind, that whether they’re getting work or not does not necessarily mean you will have the same experience. As with a regular voice over talent agent, some of it comes down to trial and error. You have to test the water to see what and who works best for you. Some sites charge $300 or more for a yearly listing including all the bells and whistles – your own web page with space to upload many demos, and some even allow video. There are other sites that charge far less – but may work out better for you! There are some sites that charge much, much more and may not get you any work at all! Know that these listings, as with your voice over talent agent, help you get auditions and find work, but you still have to do as much marketing of yourself as possible. Many voice over talent agents, like the web sites, basically just list you and your demos, but do not promote you specifically. They’re not out there on a daily basis just representing you to potential clients. They’re representing their “pool” of talent. However, a good agent will, of course, recommend you for specific projects for which you are well suited. Still, you can’t just sit back and wait for that phone to ring!

What are your responsibilities? What can you do?  Click on Voice Over-Talent below to find out. The other links below will help you with voice over preparation and business basics:

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"I just got off the phone with the producer of the TV spot and everyone involved says that you nailed it so well, it was a finished product. Incredible audition! Thank you for making me look so good!"

- John, Winking Bull Productions

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